Barbecue season is open: a picnic basket for gourmet moments in nature

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Barbecue season is open: a picnic basket for gourmet moments in nature


A picnic basket is not only a playful accent for romantic snacks in a city park but also an indispensable accessory for a hearty dinner in a natural setting. As the hot weather beckons us to spend more time outdoors, we slowly move every moment of our lives into nature. Cozy cooking on the barbecue is no exception, culminating in the tasting of culinary masterpieces.

Whether it’s a backyard space, a secluded beach by a lake, or a campsite in the woods – wherever your barbeque takes place, you can prepare it functionally and aesthetically. 

So what should a picnic basket look like, and what should it be filled with to ensure you have enough food or practical tools for dinner outdoors?


A picnic basket for barbecue season: food remains the most important


Bowl Clara White

While fruit, light one-bite snacks, and a refreshing drink are enough for an

 everyday picnic, a longer barbeque can only do with a slightly more extensive

 grocery list. Grilling – although simple and easy to do in a backyard or outdoors, the process will require at least a minimum of preparation. This time, the picnic basket should be as spacious as ever, not only for cutlery or serving dishes but also for food and condiments for your culinary journey. The latter is a crucial ingredient in cooking, wherever it takes you. BBQ seasoning, sauces, and marinades are the first steps in seasoning grilled meats and vegetables.

The salt and pepper kit “Everyday” is a staple for every meal and is worth having in the kitchen and around the grill. The spice mix “Chicken” adds a gourmet touch to yourfood, while the Barbecue sauce will delight those who appreciate unexpected flavour combinations and an easy and comfortable cooking process. This is especially important in the great outdoors when a wide countertop or unlimited utensils and tools are not always at hand.


BBQ food ideas: what are we cooking this summer?


Marinatas Coconut & Mango

Grill accessories ready, cookout planned, but still no menu for dinner outdoors? Like indoor kitchen spaces, the grill, and the natural surroundings open up endless possibilities for expressing your culinary abilities. Here are a few ideas for when your vision of the perfect barbeque includes delicious, gourmet BBQ food ideas:

  • Juicy burgers can be a quick snack in the hustle and bustle of the city, but also a meal full of unexpected flavours that are even more enjoyable in a natural setting. A juicy burger, a layer of melting cheese, and a crispy bun on the outside and soft on the inside melt together on the grill into a mouth-watering combination of flavours.
  • A slightly lighter solution, especially for hot summer days, is chicken in herb, mango, and coconut marinade. Served with salads or grilled vegetables, the tender meat has a flavour that is on par with restaurant-level food.
  • Not to be forgotten is the true legend of the grill: ribs lightly coated with barbecue sauce. Soft and tender meat, grilled potatoes, and coleslaw salad are a trio that makes outdoor food taste cosy – just like home.

Grill accessories for preparing, cooking, and tasting food


BBQ seasoning, picnic food ideas that have been thoughtout to the last detail – what else is inevitable in a picnic bag and a meaningful outdoor cookout? The right tools – cutting boards, kitchen utensils, serving dishes – are also essential for a smooth cooking. 

BBQ įrankiai Acacia

These items enhance a culinary trip in the great outdoors, ensuring that every aspect of the cookout becomes a true feast for the senses.

An aesthetic barbeque environment is just as crucial as endless functionality, so the stylish “Nature” and “Serving” cutting boards are among the essential accents that will come in handy for both food preparation and serving. For chefs who keep up their daily routine in the natural surroundings, the “Kulti” spice grinder will come in handy, while the “Acacia” BBQ tools are indispensable for a smooth grilling process down to the last detail. The final touch to the meal is a delicious salad prepared with “Ellia” tools.


Picnics in nature: which cutlery is essential?


Once the most delicious picnic food ideas have been planned and the kitchen utensils are safely tucked away in the picnic bag, it’s time to prepare for the last and most important part of the barbecue – enjoying the food. Although disposable utensils are not disappointing in functionality, it’s always worth taking care of maximum order and aesthetics in a natural space. Ceramic serving dishes and metal cutlery are indispensable here.

Stalo įrankių rinkinys Amelia

The stylish “Clara White” and “Clara Driftwood” plates and the uniquely designed “Amera” bowl are dishes that look great not only in the dining area but also in nature. The “Amelia” set is the perfect complement to this set, with essential cutlery.

How can you enrich your cookout table with additional decor solutions? Disposable napkins decorated with playful patterns are a functional yet aesthetic solution to add a touch of the unexpected to a dinner in nature.

A barbecue and a picnic basket are indispensable elements that make stylish, aesthetic, and colourful summer cookouts simply unthinkable. Uniquely designed, functional kitchenware and barbecue accessories accompany us on every culinary adventure, wherever it takes place – in the cosy backyard or natural surroundings. The picnic table comes alive with playful serving dishes, charming decor elements, and, of course, the star of the show – delicious food prepared on the grill. All these accents turn a cosy get-together in nature into an unforgettable dinner, creating precious memories and an unforgettable taste of summer.

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